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Guard and Protection

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Central Center

Monitors are installed everywhere inside and outside the Institute. For security’s sake, emergency alarm is installed in each workshop and cell and is connected to the Central Station for controller backup to form a rigid guarding network when there is emergency.


Preventive Measures of Maximum Security Management

The Custody management makes use of maximum-security management model to strictly enforce various duties and duly conduct the custody assessment. Officers and Sergeants patrol each duty area in turn in day time while Executive officers and officers of the duty inspect the custody day and night to make custody duties even better.


        Body Search Gate            Object search

To prevent contraband smuggled into the custody area, routine and random security inspection is made no less than one time each month. Body search and object inspection are executed at major entrances and exits of the custody area.


       Disturbance Prevention Drill          Firearms Training

Lectures on related rules and regulation are given on a regular base to improve the occupational knowledge of the management personnel.

These lectures are instructed by Director, Secretary, Chiefs of each Office, or staff who is expertise on the topic.

     Emergency Rescue Drill     Riot Control Drill    Fire Alarm Drill  

To ensure the safety of the Institute, personnel and property and make the staff familiar with the responsive measures to disasters, drills of fire, riot and escape prevention are held annually to help the staff more alert so that events can be handled effectively and promptly.

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