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Contract for Work

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  • Last updated:2020-06-15
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  1. In order to enable inmates to develop hardworking habits and to acquire the skills so that they can adapt to social life after the prison, we set up processing workshops to undertake contracted processing.
  2. The contracted processing projects currently undertaken are lotus origami, electric cautery, weaving craft and processing of agricultural products.
  3. The number of inmate of the Dongcheng Skill Training Institute is about 850, and the average number of inmate working is about 500. We have sufficient manpower, reasonable processing costs, and specialized instructors who are responsible for on-site management, technical guidance, quality control and shipment. Also, our processing has smooth operation, excellent processing quality and good reputation. We welcome long-term supply, technical and non-hazardous processing companies to commission OEM. We can provide manpower and high-quality working environment.
  4. Address: No.1, Ban Jiu,Meinong Village,Beinan Town,Taitung County
  5. E-mail:10039@mail.moj.gov.tw
  6. Telephone: +886-89-570380 Fax: +886-89-570468
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